Kimberly Chau

Growing up, I enjoyed hunting down art and film photography. Throughout my studies, my skills and perspectives developed and I learned to tell stories with my unique art and style.

I photographed my first wedding more than five years later and pursued my passion for photographing people in love. Since then, I’ve documented over 100 weddings across the US and internationally.

Currently, I am based in Austin, Texas where I live with my wonderful husband, Jeffrey and our puppy, Sydney. I feel most blessed to be able to do what I love while serving the spectacular bride that came for me!

Featured in Brides, Martha Stewart, The Knot, Magnolia Rouge Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Chicks, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake, Totally Engaged, Wedding Channel, and many more.

My work experience is particularly focused in the areas of project management, supply chain, procurement, academic support and customer service. I feel organized, research data, and learn new things and am driven by my desire to grow as an individual.

A Little Bit About Photography

Photography is a process or method for producing an image or photo of an object by recording the reflection of light. Photography is very influential in human life. Without photography, humans will not be able to capture special moments in life. Every memory in the heart can be lost, but in photography, it can be eternal. In this modern era, you can learn the art of photography more easily. Technological advances also make you no need to spend too much on buying photography equipment.

Some of the latest smartphones have been facilitated with sophisticated cameras at more affordable prices. You will also find it easier to capture moments, such as weddings or photographing natural events. In addition, strong determination and unyielding are also needed to become a reliable photographer. To pump the spirit, of course, need motivation. One way to grow motivation is through words. Many cool words about photography that you can read and use as motivation.

Moving on from the unique history of photography in Indonesia, through his book, Brian Arnold wants Indonesians and people everywhere to understand that uniqueness, especially along with the growing interest in photography in Indonesia. The book was written in English because he wanted to reach an international audience.

“Because the history of Indonesian photography is so unique, I hope that people everywhere, in America, in Europe will read it too and hopefully the book will be of interest to them. I also hope that the book will be a new contribution to the history of photography everywhere,” he added. Meanwhile, an artist in the field of photography and video who admits that his creative process is based on history and facts, feels honored to be one of the contributors to the essays in the book.

Wimo Ambala Bayang is a photography artist who graduated from the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta. He is also one of the founders of MES56, a community of artists who work cooperatively to develop photography and contemporary art that intersect with other disciplines critically and contextually for the realization of an open, creative and independent society.

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Definition of Photographer and Photography

Definition of Photographer and Photography – Many people think that photography and photographer are the same. Whereas the understanding of photographer and photography has a very far difference, for photography it is an activity while for a photographer it is a person who does it.

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Reviews Of Some Popular Camera Lens

Last September 14, 2021, Canon released two friendly lenses for photography enthusiasts / amateur photographers. The first lens is the Canon RF 100-400mm f/5.6-8 IS USM. This lens is a telephoto lens that is quite long and is usually used for various types of photography such as sports and animals.

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Photography Is Not Just a Click

Often people think that taking a photo is very easy, many think that taking a photo is just a push of a button and then it becomes a good photo. In fact, there are many aspects that must be studied to be able to produce a good photo. Well, this time let’s understand together about photography techniques.

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Understanding Photography According to Experts

Photography is a hobby for many people. But do they already understand the meaning of photography? Not necessarily! To capture certain moments, we must be familiar with taking pictures.
It has become obligatory to take pictures of every moment we have and then show it off through our social media accounts. However, do you know what photography is all about?

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