Understanding Photography According to Experts

Photography is a hobby for many people. But do they already understand the meaning of photography? Not necessarily! To capture certain moments, we must be familiar with taking pictures.

It has become obligatory to take pictures of every moment we have and then show it off through our social media accounts. However, do you know what photography is all about?

Understanding Photography

Photography is an absorption from the English “photography” which means “photos” of light and “grafo” to paint or write (from the ancient Greek word).

So, photography is a process of painting using light media.

For a more general definition of photography, it means:

The process or method of producing an image or photograph of an object by recording the reflection of light hitting the object on light-sensitive media.

Understanding Photography According to Experts

Photography is more than just a means of factual communication of ideas. Photography is a creative art.

Ansel Adam

Photography as a powerful medium of expression and communication offers an infinite variety of perceptions, interpretations and executions. This understanding of photography cannot be denied, because in fact photography is part of the youngest branch of art. Photography is an art of observation.

Elliot Erwitt

It is about how to find something fun in an ordinary place. So in this sense, the accuracy to seek and find to see an object is the key to the art of photography itself. Basically photography is a combination of imagination with visual design, skills, and practical organizing abilities.

Michael Langford

So, not only capturing images, but also “arranging” the objects in it so that they can achieve new aesthetic values. Broadly speaking, the definition of photography described by the experts above are: A process or method for producing an image or photograph of an object by recording the reflection of light hitting the object on a light sensitive medium.

The principle of photography itself is to focus light with the help of refraction so that it can burn the light-catching medium. Well, the medium that has been burned with the right size of light will produce an image that is identical to the light that enters the refracting medium (lens).

From the many photos you’ve seen, can you notice that each photo has a different focus? The difference in focus is what makes this art of photography has many types in it. In addition to understanding this theory, you also need to learn the basic theory of photography techniques. So that your instincts are more trained.

History of Photography

Talking about the history of photography, photography began long before Christ, precisely in the 5th century BC (BC).

Camera obscura

Starting at that time there was a man named Moti observing a phenomenon called the camera obscura phenomenon.

Where in this phenomenon shows symptoms if there is a small hole on the wall of a dark room (pinhole), then on the inside of the space the view outside the room will be reflected in reverse through the hole.

Several centuries later after the discovery of this phenomenon by Moti, this phenomenon was then widely recognized and admired by many other figures such as Aristotle in the 3rd century BC.

Tool discovery

Then in the 10th century BC an Arab scientist named Ibn Haitam (Al Hazen) tried to capture this phenomenon into a tool. Until 1558, Giambattista Della Porta, an Italian scientist, called the “camera obscura” on a box that served to help painters capture the image’s shadow.

Various studies were conducted for the development of photography. Until in 1824, Joseph-Nichephore Niecpe (1765-1833) was a lithography artist from France who managed to give birth to a somewhat blurred image.

This is obtained through the process of exposing the view from his bedroom window, through a process he calls Heliogravure (the process works similar to a lithograph) on a metal plate covered with asphalt for eight hours.

From then on he continued his research until 1826 where this year was the beginning of the true history of photography. The photos produced in the experiment at that time still exist and are well preserved at the University of Texas at Austin, United States.

First photo

It did not stop there, research for the development of photography continued until 1839. On August 19, 1839, Louis-Jacques Mande’ Daguerre (1787-1851), an opera stage designer and painter, was named the first person to make an actual photograph.

He discovered the process which was later called the dague rreotype.

That is a process that was discovered through an incident where a permanent image on a sheet of copper silver plate coated with an iodine solution was irradiated for one and a half hours of direct light with a mercury (fluorescent) heater.

To create a permanent image, the plates must be washed using a solution of table salt and distilled water. Initially the invention wanted to be patented by Daguerre, but the French government suggested to publish and or share the findings to the world for free.

The birth of photography

In 1839 or the 19th century in France was inaugurated as the year of the beginning of the birth of photography. Photography was inaugurated as a new technological breakthrough that produces a two-dimensional recording as seen by the sense of sight and can be made permanently.

Film reels and Kodak

Along with the development of technology, photography is becoming more and more popular. George Eastman in the 1880s in America put flexible film rolls on the market. In 1889, George Eastman re-introduced a new product related to the world of photography, namely the first Kodak camera. These first Kodak cameras had the slogan “You push the button and we do the rest”.


In the 1950s began to develop again with the discovery and use of prisms (SLR) to make it easier to aim at. Single Lens Reflex Camera. At the same time Japan also began to enter the world of photography by producing NIKON cameras.

Along with the times, various technologies related to photography are increasingly advanced. You can see how now there are so many different types of cameras and lenses. And several other tools that support the world of photography. The resulting image is even more varied with a touch of various color filters that make it more attractive.

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