Photography Is Not Just a Click!

Often people think that taking a photo is very easy, many think that taking a photo is just a push of a button and then it becomes a good photo. In fact, there are many aspects that must be studied to be able to produce a good photo. Well, this time let’s understand together about photography techniques.

Understanding Photography

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) photography is defined as the art and production of images and light on a film or surface that is sensitized. Meanwhile, according to Wikipedia, photography comes from English, namely ‘photography’ which comes from the Greek ‘photos’ which means light and ‘Grafo’ which means writing or painting. So in general photography can be interpreted as the process of painting or writing using light media. Meanwhile, according to Ansel Adams, photography is a powerful medium of expression and communication, offering an infinite variety of perceptions, interpretations, and executions.

Based on the definition of photography above, it can be concluded that photography is the activity of taking pictures through a camera to produce works of art and can be enjoyed either by oneself or by the public. Therefore, photography has many techniques that can help in producing various works that make people interested to see them.

Photography Techniques

To become a photographer, of course, you don’t just have to have ‘wow’ equipment in the sense of a complete type of camera and lens. One of the most important keys for photographers is mastering photography techniques. There are so many photography techniques that will add variety and beauty to photos so that they are interesting and not monotonous, including:


Zooming is a technique that makes the main object visible, while the background looks blurred. This technique serves to emphasize the object and make it more striking. Focal length changes can only be made with a zoom lens, use a shutter speed of no more than 1/30 second to produce the impression of motion. In applying this technique you should use a tripod.


Panning is a photographic technique used to freeze the motion of a moving object. How to do panning is to move the camera in the direction of the movement of the object you want to shoot so that the object will appear to be in focus, while the background will appear blurry.


Is a technique of photographing on an object that is moving, such as water, people who are exercising, as if we can stop the moving object. The way to apply this technique is to use a high shutter speed.


Macro is a photo technique taken at a very close distance to get high detail on a small object. Macro photos usually have a 1:1 ratio where the resulting image is the same size as the original object.


Silhouette is a photo technique where the object looks dark while the background or photo background has a lighter color. How to apply this technique is to place the object or subject in front of the light by adjusting the exposure on the camera.


Bulb is a photo technique of drawing using light, in contrast to the notion of photography which paints with light. Bulb shoots light on light. The way to apply this technique is to set the camera’s shutter speed as long as possible so that it will get the lines produced by moving glowing objects.

Shooting Techniques

Image capture technique is a technique for selecting the area in the photo frame. There are several ways to take pictures, including:

Extreme Long Shot

An extreme long shot is a technique in which the camera is positioned as far away from the subject as possible, usually using a wide lens, the goal of which is to make the subject in the frame appear small when compared to the surrounding locations.

Long Shot

Long shot is a technique of taking pictures with a wide frame area, the art of which in addition to the main object of the background is also captured by a camera with a large enough area. Unlike the extreme long shot, this technique has a limitation, namely if the object is a human from head to toe, but still provides a little space around the object.

Medium Long Shot

Medium long shot is a shooting technique with a narrow frame area and only takes part of the body. If the object of the photo is a human, the limit is only from the knee to the limit of the head and gives a little space above the head.

Close Up

Close up is a technique of taking pictures closer to human objects from shoulder to head. The close-up technique is used to show details of a person’s character or facial expressions.

Big Close Up

Big close up is a shooting technique that only takes detailed facial parts of human objects, usually if the photo object is a human, the limit of taking photos is only from the face. The goal is to expose facial expressions more clearly.

Extreme Close Up

Extreme close up is a technique of taking pictures more centered on only one particular part of the object in detail. The scope of the fame area only focuses on certain parts, for example on humans, namely the eyelids, nose, or lips.

Those are some photo techniques that are usually applied by photographers to make photos more interesting, actually there are many more about photo techniques that can be discussed but will be discussed in future articles. Please be creative guys.. hopefully this brief explanation is useful.

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